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Drive Belt

Round belt
Round belt
The round belt is applied to the round belt drive. The round belt drive generates friction force by pressing the belt and the wheel groove. It has good elasticity. It can alleviate the impact vibration during the operation, and has stable movement, low noise. The belt slips when the load is too large, which plays a role in protecting the machinery. Circular belt drive is applied to low speed and low power transmission, such as sewing machine, tape drive and other small power or manual machinery.            Advantage:
1. Because the circular belt is an elastic body, it can mitigate the impact of load and move smoothly without noise.
2. Overload will cause the belt to slip on the pulley, thus preventing other parts from being damaged.
3. The manufacturing and installation accuracy is not as strict as the meshing transmission.
4. The belt length can be increased to adapt to the working conditions with large center distance.

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Round belt 

Polycord round belts from 2 mm to 20 mm in diameter, the belt color has green with rough surface and orange with smooth surface. Our top-quality polycord round belt provide high flexibity, elasticity, and the ability to flex in any direction. Polycord round belt can be endless on the machine bu butt-end welding of their ends. This permits easy installation and maintenance with minimal downtimes. Polycord round belt have low creep and a long service life. They can be used for conveying as well as for driving applications. 


Polycord round belt




Green & Orange& Transparent




Rough & smooth

Operating temperature

-20°C to 80°C


open end, circle, seamless


tempered furnace, food sorting

Because the circular belt is an elastic body, it can mitigate the impact of load and move smoothly without noise.

Overload will cause the belt to slip on the pulley, thus preventing other parts from being damaged, reducing losses, reducing costs and extending the service life

The manufacturing and installation accuracy of round belt is not as strict as that of meshing transmission, which is easier and more convenient.

The round belt can increase the belt length to adapt to the working conditions with large center distance, which is more flexible, more convenient to operate and more widely used.

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