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What is seamless conveyor belt? Updated: 2022-7-13
Seamless conveyor belt, also known as seamless adhesive belt, is characterized by acid resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, anti-slip, anti-static and other characteristics. The density is exquisite and not easy to deform, and the cutting is flat, environment-friendly and flame-retardant. Compared with the unsealed conveyor belt, it can customer service the phenomenon that the connection of the conveyor belt is easy to break, and the operation is stable and not easy to shake.

Features of seamless conveyor belt:

1. Because the seamless conveyor belt uses Teflon coating, it has temperature resistance and anti-sticking;

2. Compared with the adhesive belt with seams, it overcomes the phenomenon that the joint of the conveyor belt is easy to break in the past;

3. The seamless belt overcomes the phenomenon of poor stability and deviation caused by the unequal perimeter of the joint;

4. The surface is smooth and delicate, and the processing of ultra-thin adhesive lining is better, with better bending fatigue resistance and durability;

5. The service life of seamless conveyor belt is more than 3 times longer than that of any Teflon conveyor belt connected.

Application of seamless conveyor belt:

Most of the supporting machines used in belt press and adhesive interlining are commonly known as adhesive machines, weighing machines, etc.

Main application range of seamless conveyor belt:

1. Mechanical matching for belt press bonded interlining

2. Baking and thawing of various foods (rice, rice cakes, candy, etc.)

3. Various electronic components welding and conveying machinery supporting

4. Special conditions transport belt for industrial medicine, rubber and plastic film, electrical parts heat treatment, heat resistance and non-adhesion

5. Anti-rust adhesive coating and transportation of automobile parts, transportation belt with acid, alkali and corrosive substances

6. The food is weighed by the weighing machine.

Specification of seamless conveyor belt:

1. The seamless belt is divided into 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 900, 1200 and other models according to the different types of adhesive belt

2. The matching adhesive machine brands mainly include Summit, Heavy Machine, Jiayou, Jiatian, Weishi, Yudao, Prince, Hongguang, Abalone, etc. The specifications of adhesive belt used by different models are also different.

Color of seamless conveyor belt:

Conventional colors include black, white, yellow, red, blue, etc.

Thickness of seamless conveyor belt:

The general thickness of seamless belt is 0.35~0.4mm

Deviation prevention of seamless conveyor belt:

To prevent deviation, the seamless belt can be used as a guide strip to prevent deviation.

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