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Application of food conveyor belt in food industry Updated: 2022-7-13
  In recent years, we have accelerated the adjustment of the industrial structure of the food industry, promoted the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, basically built a modern food industrial system with socialist democracy, greatly improved the profit margin of the manufacturing industry of the Chinese food industry, expanded the scale of the company, improved the production capacity, and deepened the regulations on the productivity and automation technology level of machinery and equipment.

As a result, the food conveyor belt with automatic technology has entered a larger market opportunity. The food conveyor belt is an indispensable part of the food conveyor line, such as pU conveyor belt.

The origin of conveyor belt is very early, but the actual intelligent conveyor belt originated from the British Industrial Revolution. Now, the conveyor belt has a complete type and can be used for raw material conveyors in various industries. The key of the conveyor belt is to carry out the conveying task of its raw materials. In the places of rotating warehouse, assembly workshop and packaging production workshop, a series of conveyor chains composed of many belt conveyors, roller conveyors, etc., are set to generate continuous conveyor belts through head and tail connection.

Due to the shortage of human capital, the food industry has also clearly put forward relevant regulations for the fully automatic conveyor belt: first, the fully automatic conveyor belt should be effectively installed in the project acceptance confirmation receiving area, storage area, picking operation area, inbound and outbound inspection area, cargo collection and delivery area, etc., and the information content such as barcode should be selected to be effective. According to the driving force of the conveyor belt, the drug will be signed in the destination area, and the logistics distribution center should be established at each safe operation stage Continuous freight logistics transmission.

The food conveyor belt with automatic technology has greatly improved the productivity of the food industry, and also meets the requirements for the level of food equipment and weapons. Therefore, the interior space of the sales market is very rich. But not only that, there are still some shortcomings in the conveyor belt industry at this stage, such as the accuracy of the conveyor and other aspects need to be steadily improved, so as to consider the intelligent industrial requirements as soon as possible.