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PU Timing Belt

Stripper belt
Stripper belt

Stripping machine belt is mainly used in various automatic wire harness processing equipment such as wire cutting machine, wire stripper, peeling machine, etc.                                                                                

Features of belt stripper                                                                    

1. Large stripping area and fast speed, which can greatly reduce labor intensity and reduce the time required for joints;             

2. Light weight, easy to carry and carry;                                                       

3. Stable operation.

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Stripper belt

The most common size of strip stripper belt is T5-455, 5-M-350. At present, there are two main materials: polyurethane and rubber.

Rubber stripper belt, a equipment equipped with four, the service life of about a month. The surface is easy to chip and crack.

Polyurethanes are relatively durable, with four to one device. It's easy to get hard and slippery in winter.


The foaming PU stripper belt produced by our company has good wear resistance and is not prone to hard slipping under cold conditions, which greatly improves the service life of the stripper belt. In addition, since it is developed and produced by our factory, the delivery time is guaranteed.

The stripping area of the stripper belt is relatively large and the speed is very fast. The full automation greatly reduces the labor intensity, thus reducing the labor consumption, reducing the time required for the joint, and increasing the production capacity;

The stripper belt is used to fasten and clean the rubber layer at the head of the conveyor belt when preparing the belt joint. This operation can be used in various occasions and places, and it is light in weight, easy to carry and carry;

The stripper belt is seamless and stable in operation. There are few stoppage cores, so the stability of the machine is the highest and the overall production is improved.

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